PHY Accessories, Catalogs, and More

As this section continues to grow, please check back often to enjoy the images and information already provided. Paul H. Young Co. fishing tackle catalogs, fliers, correspondence and accessories shed light on the history of the PHY Company, and help us to better understand its development.

Paul H. Young Trout Flies

Streamers and bucktails from Paul H. Young’s personal wooden fly box, with hand-carved name and address

A dry fly from Paul H. Young’s personal fly box.

Paul H. Young Co. Catalogs

1933 catalog, with the three items listed on the back cover.

1951, circa 1952, and circa 1955 catalogs

1957 and 1958 catalogs, West 8 Mile Road, Detroit address

1966 Southfield catalog, with added address sticker for Traverse City

PHY woven creel
The large creel measures 12” x 14”, with the second, smaller attached creel. Advertisement appeared in the May 1940 issue of Outdoor Life.

A 1930s PHY clear fly container
The early stamping lists the firm as “taxidermists.” Flies from the PHY shop.

Paul H. Young’s Preen
Three different ways that Preen was packaged.

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