PHY Handwriting and Identification

Several rod makers worked for the Paul H. Young Co. They include Paul H. Young, Robert W. Summers, Jack Young, and Todd Young. August Pernack helped set up the milling machine to produce tapered strips of bamboo, and also set up a ferrule-making operation. Don E. West of Dallas, TX finished and sold rods that Paul H. Young sent to him as blanks. These makers were active at various (sometimes overlapping) periods during the company’s history.

Paul H. Young, Paul Cardell’s 9’0″ Nymph Rod, built June 1949

Paul H. Young, personal book inscription, June 6, 1945

Robert W. “Bob” Summers, George Beall’s Martha Marie, built February 1962


Don West, Para 14 built 1949.

As this section continues to grow, please check back often to enjoy the images and information already provided. Soon, you will find a comprehensive collection of photos to identify handwriting seen on PHY Co. rods. Although a signature helps to identify a rodmaker and thus the time period when a particular rod was built, note that the maker who signed a rod may or may not have carried out every step in that rod’s construction. If you have useful photos that may be added to the PHY Database, please email me at robertgolder AT comcast DOT net.